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Bone Voyage - Early Access Trailer

Bone Voyage - Early Access Trailer

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Bone Voyage

Lead Designer | PC | Unreal Engine 4 | 2018-2019

Bone Voyage is a  Third Person Adventure Game, about a group of Skeletons on a Ship, heading to the afterlife.

Players meet a Cast of interesting Characters and explore the Ship by Detaching parts of their Body.

  • Spearheaded the game's design, and worked with the design team to further all areas of design, from narrative to level design

  • Led a team of up to 15 designers, from initial concepting to ship

  • Owned the development of the game's UI and UX, and worked with the art team to ensure visual clarity and style

This project was created over 24 Weeks in a group of up to 34 Developers, was released on Steam, with over 50,000 Downloads and was the Winner of the 2019 IndigoX Award

Design Lead

I Lead the Design Team by coordinating a team of up to 15 Designers. I oversaw all of the work done, from Gameplay to Quest Design.

My Goal was to ensure the highest quality I could for the project and ensure the game provided the most enjoyable experience possible to players.


A large challenge was to maintain the coordination of such a large team, whilst pushing for consistent design practices, despite pressing milestones for the team.

Ultimately, the project taught me a lot about the realities of the development of large projects, and truly allowed me to experience and learn from a variety of situations in all fazes of development, from conception and pre-production to post-release content.

Dialogue UI/UX

Style, Immersion, Practicality and how do they connect? This is a question I had to answer when developing the dialogue system.

This process involved gaining a strong understanding of the game as an experience.

I ultimately decide to lean towards simple, yet stylish as the focus, with an emphasis on the dialogue feeling like a conversation, by relying on movement, positioning, and animations.

Questlog UI/UX