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Caio L. J. Gomide Fortnite BR Gameplay Design Showreel

Caio L. J. Gomide Fortnite BR Gameplay Design Showreel

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Gameplay Designer | Multiple Platforms | Unreal Engine 4/5 | 2021 - 2023

I worked on Fortnite Battle Royale as a Gameplay Designer, creating new Items, Weapons, and Features for seasonal events and content.

  • Designed multiple items, features, and gameplay systems, overseeing development from prototype to release

  • Implemented functionality in Unreal Engine blueprints, from initial prototyping to pre-release polish and bug fixing, collaborating with engineers when necessary

  • Participated in playtests and collaborated with QA team to identify and fix bugs, as well as gather feedback to improve the quality of features

Howler Claws

2022 Fortnitemares event key Gameplay Feature

Melee-based item which allowed players to slash at nearby targets. Players could also press the jump button twice to execute a dash attack.

Grated the player a unique ability that allowed them to perform a howl, which marked nearby opponents, allowing them to track the heartbeat of marked enemies.

Thunder Spears

2023 Attack on Titan collab Weapon

A bunker-buster type rocket launcher, which penetrates armored structures and delivers a powerful explosion via wire-activated fuse.

The weapon was designed to synergize with the other AoT item, the ODM gear, and would launch players if fired in the air.

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