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L.A.S.E.R Trailer

L.A.S.E.R Trailer

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IGAD Year 1 Student Project

LASER is a Top-Down Party Game, where two teams of two players try and hit each other by reflecting lasers off of mirrors in the environment. Players can select between 2 characters, each with different strengths and weaknesses.

My main role in this project was Level Design, though I would often assist with Gameplay Design and QA, when necessary.

My primary responsibility was to create stages for players.

I worked on this project for four weeks, alongside a team of 12 developers

Level Design

I worked on creating exciting and diverse gameplay, along with iteration, playtest and polish on all levels.

My Goal was to give each level a unique and memorable feeling. 


A large challenge was to find ways in which the combination of Layout, Hazards, and Objectives could bring a unique experience. 

To Solve it, I decided to focus on one central moment for each level, and build the rest to reinforce, provide counterplay, and build excitement to that central moment.

Ultimately, the project showed me a realistic view of development. I developed techniques and approaches well suited for making a larger amount of content, rather than one or two, whilst maintaining originality and diversity in gameplay.

Gameplay Design