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WIB Trailer

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IGAD Year 2 Student Project

W.I.B is a First person Puzzle Exploration game, where you play as an Investigator, and try to piece back reality by moving tiles on a notepad.

Players do this by exploring different dimensions and discovering clues in the environment.


In this project, I was responsible for ensuring the planning and execution of a consistent QA plan, developing the Level Design for 4 of the 8 rooms, and designing the UI/UX of the game. 


This project was created over the span of 8 weeks in a group of 4 Designers

UI Design

I worked on developing the design of a tablet device where players input the position of dimensions and how they connect to each other.


A large challenge was to understand how these rooms connect to each other, and how I could best display this information to players.

My goal was to bring out a feeling of an investigation, and in researching how to do so, I improved not only the UI but also shaped the direction the game would take entirely 

Ultimately, despite having to cut some of its functionality due to time constraints, the UI still served its purpose well, and ultimately allowed for a more enjoyable game. 
This had been my first true encounter with UI and was one which inspired me to focus on User Interfaces.

UX Design

Since early on in development it was clear that the games core experience should be that of an investigator.

The question I had to answer was, how does such a feeling emerge, and how can it be reinforced. This led me to the realization that, at its core, this was a detective game.


I then used this information to help guide and direct every design decision made in the game.

Level Design and Puzzle Design