Caio Lindenhayn J. Gomide

Game Designer

I'm a Player, who's experiences Inspired a desire to make games of my own.

I'm a Developer, who found a passion for Design by trying to understand how a player's mind works.

I'm a Student at Breda University of Applied Sciences, currently in my third year of study.


Main Projects

Bone Voyage

IGAD Year 3 Student Project

Bone Voyage is a 3rd Person Adventure game about a group of Skeletons on a Ship heading to the Afterlife.

I was the Lead Designer and dedicated UI/UX Designer in this project.

This project was developed over a span of 24 weeks, in a group of up to 34 Developers, is now available on Steam,  and was the Winner of the 2019 InidigoX Award.


IGAD Year 2 Student Project

W.I.B is a Puzzle Exploration game, where you play as an Investigator, and piece back reality by exploring different dimensions.

In this project, I did Level Design and UI/ UX Design. 

This project was created over the span of 8 weeks in a group of 4 Designers


IGAD Year 1 Student Project

LASER is a Top-Down Party Game, where players try and hit each other by reflecting lasers off of the environment

I was a Level Designer, QA Tester and Gameplay Designer in this Project.

I worked on this project for 4 weeks in a team of 12 Developers.

Extra Projects 

Side Projects, Marmalades and Game Jams

Drawn Home

Drawn Home is a 2D side-scrolling platform set in the streets of Brazil, where a child is able to enter graffiti on the walls.

This game was designed around a single picture of a graffiti wall and was made in 2 weeks.

My role in this project was Gameplay Designer.

Side Tracked

Side Tracked is a top-down shooter, where two players need to defend a train from hordes of monsters.

This game was made with an In-House Voxel Engine and was made in the span of 8 weeks.

My role in this project was Project Lead and Producer.


The Full Story

I am first and foremost a Video Game Aficionado. Since young, I have been passionate about games and was hungry to know more about them. So much so that I decided I wanted to learn how to make them.

Nowadays I'm a Game Design Student at Breda University of Applied Sciences.

Mainly working in student projects, I have led and participated in dev. teams, big and small,

from Mobile to a  Custom Engine, creating a variety of experiences with them.

This led me to a passion, not only in playing games but in making games.

I have focused on Design for the past years and developed a strong passion for designing engaging experiences with a focus on understanding Players' behaviors.


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Game Design

  • User Interface Design

  • User Experience Design

  • Level Design & block out

  • Playtest conduction and Iteration

  • Gameplay and Systems Design


Soft Skills

  • Communication

  • Teamwork and collaborative development

  • Public Speaking

  • Critical thinking and self-reflection


Game Design Student Projects                  

  • Currently following the internationally high-ranked IGAD course and specializing as a Designer.

    • IGAD has received the 9th position in The Rookies contest and is known for producing highly qualified developers.

  • I have worked in a variety of environments such as:

    • Small scale projects with four team members.

    • Leading a team for 8 weeks while developing on an in-house engine.

    • Work as the Design Lead in a team of 30+ Developers.

  • I have had a plethora of experience in various fields of game design, from System Design to UI/UX, I have gained a strong understanding of multiple areas.

2016 - Present

Software competencies


Unreal Engine 4


Adobe Photoshop









Junior Instructor at Saga

  SAGA, Playgame                                                 

  • I helped teachers guide and instruct students in the fundamentals of game development

  • Taught a variety of subjects, from Game Design and 3D Modeling to Blueprints in Unreal Engine 4

  • Developed a stronger understanding of Game Dev. methodologies

  • Strengthened my communication, public speaking, and leadership skills

Early 2016


Portuguese (BR)

Native Speaker
Native Language
Native Speaker

Intern Game Designer

  Dutch 5                                                

  • ​Worked alongside artists to re-work the games UI and Player Experience

  • Expanded upon the Turn-Based Combat and Deckbuilding Gameplay

  • Extensively playtested and analyzed the game to identify areas of improvement and opportunities for interesting gameplay

Late 2019


Breda University of Applied Science 

Bachelor: International Game Development and Architecture


Saga - School of Art, Game, and Animation            

Playgame - Game Development

2016 - Present

2013 - 2016


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