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Caio Lindenhayn J. Gomide

Game Designer

I'm a Player, who's experiences Inspired a desire to make games of my own.

I'm a Developer, who found a passion for Game Design by trying to understand how a player's mind works.

I'm a Gameplay Designer  always striving to create awesome experiences for players.


Gameplay Designer at Epic Games

I worked on Fortnite Battle Royale as a Gameplay Designer, creating new Items, Weapons, and Features for seasonal events and content.

I owned the design of seasonal weapons, from initial prototype to release, and was responsible for ensuring the quality of the item`s gameplay.

Notable examples are the 2022 Fortnitemares Event`s Howler Claws and the 2023 Attack on Titan Collab item.

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Game Designer at Noodle Cat Games

I worked on an unannounced project as a Game Designer.

With a focus on Gameplay and Combat, I developed gameplay experiences and features, working alongside the Art and Engineering team to ensure functionality and quality.


IGAD Year 3 Student Project
Design Lead

Bone Voyage is a  Third Person Adventure Game, about a group of Skeletons on a Ship, heading to the afterlife. 

In this project, I was responsible for developing the Game's Design and leading a group of up to 15 Designers, as the Lead Designer and designing the UI and UX of the game. 

This project was created over 24 Weeks in a group of up to 34 Developers on Unreal Engine 4 was released on Steam

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