Caio Lindenhayn J. Gomide

Game Designer

I'm a Player, who's experiences Inspired a desire to make games of my own.

I'm a Developer, who found a passion for Design by trying to understand how a player's mind works.

I'm a Student at Breda University of Applied Sciences, currently in my third year of study.


Main Projects

Official Bone Voyage Announcement Trailer

Official Bone Voyage Announcement Trailer

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Bone Voyage

IGAD Year 3 Student Project

Bone Voyage is a 3rd Person Adventure game about a group of Skeletons on a Ship heading to the Afterlife.

I was the Lead Designer and dedicated UI/UX Designer in this project.

This project was developed over a span of 24 weeks, in a group of up to 34 Developers, is now available on Steam,  and was the Winner of the 2019 InidigoX Award.


IGAD Year 2 Student Project

W.I.B is a Puzzle Exploration game, where you play as an Investigator, and piece back reality by exploring different dimensions.

In this project, I did Level Design and UI/ UX Design. 

This project was created over the span of 8 weeks in a group of 4 Designers

WIB Trailer

WIB Trailer

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L.A.S.E.R Trailer

L.A.S.E.R Trailer

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IGAD Year 1 Student Project

LASER is a Top-Down Party Game, where players try and hit each other by reflecting lasers off of the environment

I was a Level Designer, QA Tester and Gameplay Designer in this Project.

I worked on this project for 4 weeks in a team of 12 Developers.

Extra Projects 

Side Projects, Marmalades and Game Jams

Drawn Home